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When hygiene matters, quality is a must

When hygiene matters, quality is a must

At HandsHero we do not compromise on hygiene and safety. Our disinfection columns are therefore extremely strong examples of craftsmanship and technical ingenuity. Solid alcohol dispensers with a sensor that last for years to come.

HH Apoth Croc 0246
HandsHero Three
£ 325,00
HandsHero Six
£ 2 410,00
HandsHero One
£ 198,00
HandsHero Two
£ 264,00

A solution for every sector

Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare
Public places Public places Public places
Industry Industry Industry
Retail Retail Retail

HandsHero's stainless steel disinfection columns? A long-term solution!

The stainless steel disinfection columns from HandsHero? A long-term solution!

Increased hygiene is here to stay and customers expect it. If you choose HandsHero, you choose a long-term solution that offers security.

10 year warranty

All our disinfection columns come with a 10-year warranty on the stainless steel column. We are confident of our solution and are happy to provide the necessary warranty and service

Sustainable column

Our columns are manufactured with the greatest care and have a stainless steel column. More than 5,000 European customers experience our sustainability every day.


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