Does the HandsHero Disinfection Column have to be connected to a wall outlet ?
The dispenser Alex runs on batteries that are included in the delivery. This makes the column easy to move, even in places where there is no wall socket.

The disinfection columns Billy, Billy-Lou and Charlie do work on mains power.


What kind of disinfectant does the HandsHero Disinfection column work with?
A starter amount of alcolgel is given, but in principle the HandsHero Desinfection column works on all kinds of liquid disinfectants, whether liquid or in gel form. Gel form is preferable because it is easier to take in the hand without waste. You can buy your own stock and pour it into the reservoir of the dispenser. Remember that there must be at least 70% alcohol in the disinfectant to be efficient.


Do I need to buy refills via HandsHero?
No. Each dispenser has a reservoir that can easily be refilled with alcohol gel that is freely available on the market. The reservoir of dispenser Alex contains 1 litre, that of Billy, Billy-Lou and Charlie 10 litres.


Do you have to touch the dispenser to operate it ?
No. The dispenser works completely hands free. As soon as the electronic eye detects a hand under the dispenser, a drop of alcohol-gel or liquid is distributed.


How can I clean my HandsHero disinfection column ?
Use the HandsHero drip tray to avoid splashing. The dispenser can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the stainless steel housing needs cleaning, this can be done with a commercially available stainless steel cleaning product.


Does the HandsHero disinfection column have to be mounted ?
No. The HandsHero disinfection column is already pre-assembled and can be removed from the packaging. The dispenser Alex only needs to be fitted with the supplied batteries, then pushed over the suspension hooks and finally filled with the disinfectant (starter quantity is included) and the HandsHero Disinfection Column is ready for use.

Disinfection columns Billy, Billy-Lou and Charlie must be connected to mains power. Here, too, the reservoir must be filled with the supplied gel and the Disinfection Column is ready for use.


Is there not too much gel/liquid coming out of the HandsHero Disinfection column ?
No. The dispenser is set in such a way that enough gel comes out to disinfect the hands for 20 to 30 seconds. That's also the time it takes to kill bacteria. So there's no point in drying your hands earlier or washing them afterwards.


The alcohol gel from the dispenser flies all over the place. Now what?
Don't panic, there's nothing wrong with the dispenser. Sometimes a residue of the alcohol gel sticks to the dispenser and cures it. This causes the nozzle (output) of the dipenser to become clogged, with the above result. Just go over the nozzle of the dispenser with a damp cloth and the problem is solved.


Can I choose the messages on the screen of HandsHero myself?
At the time of purchase, you can choose between 3 options

  • Display only content via one of the following built-in interfaces;
  • Display + dynamic pre-programmed content on built-in media server; 
  • Display + content management system via online portal;